Modernizing the Data Warehouse: Challenges and Benefits

Today’s data architectures often fail to meet current analytics requirements. ​ Many companies have run ‘classic’ data warehouses for years and most face challenges in terms of performance, time to market, complexity or costs. Rising data volumes, data sources and analytical requirements from business users have contributed to this.​ One single solution cannot meet all needs. A good mix of specialized technologies wired up to a modern data architecture concept is a better route to success. Recent technologies and new approaches are helping to meet these rising demands.

This study explores

  • –– What kind of measures have companies implemented to modernize data warehousing?​​
  • –– What benefits have companies achieved by modernizing their data warehouse and what are the biggest challenges they currently face?
  • –– What kind of technology are companies using to modernize data warehousing?​


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Modernizing The Data Warehouse

Author: Jacqueline Bloemen (Senior Analyst, Data & Analytics)
Published: November 2019