How To Rule Your Data World

Data is everywhere. With the growing interconnectedness of people, companies and devices, we are now accumulating increasing amounts of data from an ever-widening variety of channels. This is set to have a significant effect on tomorrow‘s business and data will undoubtedly become a value-adding factor.

Effective use of data needs to be learned

However, effectively using data needs to be learned. Companies using multiple systems for various purposes tend to have complex technology landscapes with highly specialized silo solutions. From operational systems to support “smart processes”, to the data warehouse for enterprise management, to exploring new use cases through advanced analytics, all of these environments incorporate disparate systems, each containing data fragments optimized for their own specific task.

Data and data processes are everywhere in the organization so there is a growing need for a comprehensive view of business objects and data. It is therefore vital that data is subject to some form of overarching control, which should be guided by a data strategy. This is where data governance comes in.

Survey findings

This study explores:

  • organizational and technical approaches on how data can be mastered and provided
  • best practices for data governance
  • the  challenges in implementing data governance
  • which roles and processes are viewed as relevant
  • which types of tools and functions support data governance processes
  • methodical concepts to successfully implement data governance

Download the report

The full report can be downloaded here

Authors: Timm Grosser & Jacqueline Bloemen
Published: November 2018

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