The Future of Reporting

Many reporting systems today are failing to provide adequate support to users while much of the content created is unused or lacks relevance to the most important business questions. Building and maintaining traditional solutions is expensive and yet, in many cases, fails to satisfy users. Modernizing and optimizing enterprise reporting applications to support shifting and increasing demands is vital to continuously deliver trusted information for decision support in changing environments.

Data-based decision-making

The highest pressure evolves from competition. Companies must react quicker than ever to changing demands from their customers to keep pace with their competition. The time has come to modernize today’s reporting landscapes and base decisions on information rather than gut-feeling – the legacy of the past must be overcome to reach the future of reporting.

Scope of the study

This BARC survey evaluates the following key questions:

  • Which approaches have organizations pursued to enhance their reporting?
  • What are the most important distribution channels and reporting types in companies today and in the future?
  • What are the most important challenges in the enterprise reporting environment?

The BARC survey ‘The Future of Reporting’ is based on a survey of over 600 participants worldwide from 58 countries across a range of industries.

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The Future of Reporting


Authors: Larissa Baier & Robert Tischler
Published: June 2019
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