The Future of Planning – Tackling Changed Requirements with Comprehensive Modernization

The COVID-19 pandemic caught most companies unprepared. Overnight, the impact of uncertainty, dynamics and complexity on markets could no longer be ignored. Local events in an increasingly interconnected economy and uncertainties such as the climate crisis will continue to create high volatility and even chaos. Accordingly, many organizations will have to adjust their corporate governance to meet these demands.

Although many initiatives have already been realized around planning and forecasting in recent months, too many were just short-term fixes that did not bring the significant and lasting improvements required.

This study examines the contribution modern planning and forecasting can make to corporate management.

We asked companies around the globe about the measures they are taking to modernize and the challenges they need to address to meet elevated requirements.

This study explores the following questions

  • – How will complexity and dynamics develop and what influence will this have on the predictability of events?
  • – What are the biggest challenges in forecasting and planning today and what are their causes?
  • – What improvements are needed and what measures are being taken to achieve them?
  • – How can it be ensured that the improvements meet current requirements and move companies forward?

The sample and related content

The study is based on a worldwide online survey of 401 companies of varying sizes across a range of industries.

Infographic featuring headline results from “The Future of Planning” survey

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The Future of Planning

Authors: Dr. Christian Fuchs & Robert Tischler

Published: September 28th, 2021

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