Data Warehouse and Data Vault Adoption Trends – Modeling, Modernization, and Automation


Industry hype and buzzwords notwithstanding, the data warehouse retains a commanding position in today’s analytics environment. Most companies still entrust their mission-critical analytical data to a data warehouse, often cloud-based, although most users also have alternatives such as the data lake and lakehouse.

This global survey published in collaboration with Eckerson Group examines data warehouse and data vault adoption trends in modern analytics environments, including architecture types, priorities, and automation.

This study explores the following questions

  • –– Which processes are organizations mostly or fully automating regarding their data management?
  • –– What is the current status of data vault adoption?
  • –– What are the biggest challenges in analytics environments?

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The study is based on a worldwide online survey of 238 companies.

Click here to see the infographic based on the survey findings.

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Data Warehouse and Data Vault Adoption Trends

Authors: Kevin Petrie & Herbert Stauffer

Published: April 27, 2023

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