BARC Data Culture Survey 23 – How To Liberalize Data Access To Empower Data Users

“Data culture eats data strategy for breakfast” has become a popular saying among data and analytics managers and executives. Even the best data strategy cannot fulfill its potential if the data culture in the company does not match it. Ultimately, it is the people in the company who have to change their behavior and mindset in order to benefit from the ever-increasing amount of data available to them.

This study explores the following questions

  • How can companies improve their data culture?
  • Which technologies/concepts are used for data access in companies?
  • What are the main obstacles to implement or initially establish a data culture?

The sample and related content

The study is based on a worldwide online survey of 384 companies of varying sizes across a range of industries.

Infographic featuring headline results from “The Data Culture Survey 23” study (coming soon)

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Authors: Dr. Carsten Bange and Timm Grosser

Published: November 23rd, 2022

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