The BI Software Selection Guide

BARC’s BI Software Selection Guide provides a step-by-step guide to selecting a BI tool for your organization. As software selection specialists for over fifteen years, BARC has completed many hundreds of BI selection projects. The process and best practices we have developed over the years are shared with you in this report, written by two of our most experienced consultants.

Also included is The Factbase, BARC’s comprehensive set of key criteria by which to evaluate and compare products on your shortlist. The Factbase is delivered in a handy spreadsheet format so you can score products and save notes on each criterion, and is used as the template for the Factbase section in our product reviews.

Authors: Carsten Bange & Christian Fuchs
PDF report
Published: July 2013

Why Is The Software Selection Process So Important?

The importance of finding the right solution for your organization should not be underestimated. Companies typically use Business Intelligence products for an average of 7-10 years, so choosing software is a long-term decision.

A software’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), which covers the initial purchase and implementation costs as well as training, maintenance and fine tuning, can be very high. Each decision, including those made at the beginning of a BI project, affects the overall costs.

Using software is one of the prime responsibilities of employees in most organisations. As a result, both the quality and suitability of software solutions have a major influence on employee satisfaction and productivity.

The BI Software Selection Guide will help you get your project up-and-running in the right direction and guide you through all the key stages of your process, enabling you to benefit from our experience and expertise in Business Intelligence product selection.