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Content highlights

BARC Score
The BARC Score series of reports ranks vendors in specific business software categories ranging from BI to planning to data integration. Each BARC Score provides a quick and clear overview of the market, combining detailed end-user feedback with thorough analysis of the key products and vendors by our analysts.
Data, BI & Analytics Trend Monitor 2021 Data, BI & Analytics Trend Monitor 2023
An overview of 20 of the major trends currently shaping the BI, analytics and data management market, supplemented by additional commentary and analysis from BARC analysts.
The BI & Analytics Survey 24 Cover image The BI & Analytics Survey 24: The Results
A report detailing the key findings from The BI & Analytics Survey 24 supplemented by in-depth expert commentary.
The BI & Analytics Survey 24 Cover image The BI & Analytics Survey 24: Best Practices
A PDF report focusing on the best practice lessons learned from our sample of 1,480 responses to The BI & Analytics Survey 24.
The Planning Survey 23 cover The Planning Survey 23
The Planning Survey 23 reveals the strengths and challenges of many of the leading software vendors that offer specialized planning software. It also examines some of the current trends in the market. Access to The Planning Survey Analyzer – an online tool that allows you to do your own analysis of the survey results – is also included.
The Data Management Survey The Data Management Survey 24
The 5th edition of BARC’s worldwide survey-based study examines challenges and approaches to selecting and using data warehousing software. 21 leading data management software products are compared in detail. Access to The Data Management Survey Analyzer is also included.
The BI & Analytics Survey Analyzer The Analyzer
Access to our powerful interactive online tool which enables you to perform your own custom analysis of the full data sets from The BI & Analytics Survey,  The Planning Survey and The Data Management Survey.