Big Data and Information Security

How big data technology can help to increase cyber attack resilience by better detection of attacks, enabling real-time response.

Big data analytics supports new real-time security intelligence solutions
As cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly advanced and persistent, and the traditional notion of a security perimeter has all but ceased to exist, organizations have to rethink their cybersecurity strategies. New real-time security intelligence solutions are combining big data and advanced analytics to correlate security events across multiple data sources, providing early detection of suspicious activities, rich forensic analysis tools, and highly automated remediation workflows.

Big data security analytics initiatives
This study assesses the importance, status quo, developments, benefits and challenges of big data security analytics initiatives. In particular, it examines:

  • The burgeoning security analytics solutions market
  • Current deployment levels of big data security analytics solutions
  • The benefits of big data security analytics
  • Best-in-class approaches to cyber security

Global survey
BARC and KuppingerCole’s “Big Data and Information Security” study follows on from three well-received BARC surveys in recent years: “Big Data Use Cases”, “Big Data Analytics“, and “Big Data Survey Europe“. While the previous surveys focused on big data analytics in general, this study concentrates on big data analytics use cases in information security and fraud detection.

The study is based on a 2016 survey of over 330 participants from more than 50 countries across all industries.

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Authors: Alexei Balaganski & Dr. Sebastian Derwisch
PDF report: Free to Download
Published: November 2016

Big Data and Information Security