Strategies for Driving Adoption and Usage with BI and Analytics

A global study by BARC and Eckerson Group

“Strategies for Driving Adoption and Usage with BI and Analytics” is a topical survey conducted by BARC and Eckerson Group, examining technical and organizational drivers of BI and analytics adoption as well as barriers to adoption.

Adoption rates

Although adoption rates for BI/analytics tools remain stuck in the 20% range, usage is increasing. Usage growth is primarily fueled by “off-license” usage from front-line workers using BI/analytics output embedded in operational applications as well as external users (e.g., customers and suppliers) using external-facing reports and dashboards. These new usage trends are most prevalent among leading adopters of data & analytics (e.g., best-in-class companies) as well as North American companies.


In addition, new self-service tools, such as GUI-based authoring and data preparation tools, are making it easier for businesspeople to service their own data needs without IT assistance. Also, data catalogs make it easier for these business users to discover useful data, and new ad hoc query capabilities, namely BI search and augmented analytics, are starting to propel higher levels of BI/analytics adoption and usage.

Overcoming barriers

At the same time, organizations are implementing data governance programs and data quality workflows to improve data accuracy, completeness, and consistency. They are launching data literacy programs with coaching and support networks to improve knowledge and skills required to use BI/analytics tools effectively. Most importantly, executives are becoming more data-driven, providing leadership, funding and personal examples to foster a robust culture of data and analytics usage.

The sample

This study is based on a global survey of 214 data & analytics leaders conducted by BARC and Eckerson Group. In the final section of the report, the authors use the survey as a springboard to generalize about the drivers and challenges of successful data & analytics programs using their combined 60+ years of experience in the field.

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Strategies for Driving Adoption and Usage with BI and Analytics

Authors: Wayne W. Eckerson & Dr. Carsten Bange

Published: March 30th, 2022

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