The Data Management Survey 24

Vendor Performance Summaries

Explore our extensive collection of executive reports, each one dedicated to a product featured in The Data Management Survey 24. These comprehensive reports deliver insightful vendor and product overviews, meticulously researched and written by BARC’s team of expert analysts. Additionally, they provide a condensed summary of the product-specific findings from The Data Management Survey 24.

With a total of 21 Vendor Performance Summary reports, you’ll find one for every product covered in The Data Management Survey 24. They are all available to subscribers as part of the BARC+ package.

Advanced analytics, data preparation and data warehouse vendors software

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The Data Management Survey 24 attracted a total of 960 responses, enough to analyze customer feedback on 21 products from 16 vendors in detail.

For each product featured in this survey, we have produced a Vendor Performance Summary giving an overview of its performance across 32 key criteria including:

  • Product Satisfaction
  • Development & Content Creation
  • Connectivity
  • Performance
  • Platform Reliability
  • Ease of Use
  • Functional Coverage
  • Price to Value

Empirical end-user feedback on leading data warehouse software tools

There’s no better way of discovering a vendor’s strengths and weaknesses than finding out how its customers rate its product. Each Vendor Performance Summary gives an overview of the product’s results in The Data Management Survey 24 accompanied by conclusions written by our experienced analyst team.

Featured products

There are 21 Vendor Performance Summaries covering the following products:

  • Alation Data Catalog
  • Amazon Glue
  • Amazon Redshift
  • AnalyticsCreator
  • Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud
  • dataspot.
  • Datavault Builder
  • Exasol Database
  • Google BigQuery
  • Microsoft Azure Data Factory
  • Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle Database
  • PostgreSQL
  • Qlik Data Integration
  • SAP Datasphere
  • SAS Data Management
  • Snowflake Cloud Data Platform
  • TimeXtender