The BI & Analytics Survey 24

Best Practices

A report focusing on the best practice lessons learned from The BI & Analytics Survey 24.

Lessons from The BI & Analytics Survey 24

bi survey analyzer screenshotBest Practices contains analysis of the full sample of 1,317 end users and consultants who took part in the survey. Homing in on the general, product-neutral survey findings, Best Practices addresses issues such as:

– Recommendations on how best to choose a BI/analytics product
– The most important and relevant tool selection criteria

With such a large sample of responses from a broad spectrum of countries and industries, Best Practices enables you to learn from the masses who have ‘been there and done that’ with their BI and analytics projects.

Achieve Business Benefits

BI projects should always aim to achieve business benefits and achieve the goals defined at the outset. The BI & Analytics Survey 24 calibrates the success of projects using the Business Benefits Index (BBI), our proprietary method of identifying the level of success achieved from the implementation of a BI solution. This data is used in Best Practices to determine:

– Which selection criteria should be considered most important when selecting a BI/analytics tool; and
– The optimum amount of time it should take to implement the product

Avoid Problems in Business Intelligence and Analytics Projects

The majority of projects encounter some problems along the way. Best Practices helps you to understand:

– Which problems are the most commonly experienced
– Which of these problems have the biggest impact on business benefits achieved
– The correlation between the selection process and problems experienced further down the line