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The BI & Analytics Survey 23: The Results

A PDF report detailing the key findings from The BI & Analytics Survey 23, supplemented by expert commentary.

Highlights from the world’s most detailed survey of BI and analytics software usage

The BI & Analytics Survey 23 attracted 1,951 responses, 1,592 of which gave detailed information on users’ experiences in the selection, implementation and usage of a BI/analytics product.

The Results report provides you with analysis and commentary on the many highlights from this year’s survey.

Must-have information on real-world business intelligence and analytics usage

The BI & Analytics Survey 23 reveals how organizations are selecting, implementing and using BI and analytics tools, and which products lead the market across a range of key criteria including:

– Query performance
– Scalability
– Product support
– Customer satisfaction
– Competitive win rate
– Speed of implementation
– Business benefits achieved
– Ease of use

The latest market trends

Now in its 21st edition, The BI & Analytics Survey 23 not only measures current developments in the BI and analytics space, but also patterns and trends since 2001. Every year, the questionnaire is updated to gauge end-user feedback on current hot topics and technologies.

This gives you the unique opportunity to follow how the market has developed and see where it is headed in a number of key areas including:

– Visual analysis
– Cloud BI
– Data preparation
– Operational BI
– Embedded BI

Buyers of ‘The BI & Analytics Survey 23: The Results’ report also receive documentation detailing the methodology behind The BI & Analytics Survey 23, with further information on the demographics of the sample, the measures used to compare products and the products analyzed.