BARC Score Enterprise BI and Analytics Platforms: A Direct Comparison of Modern Enterprise BI Platform Providers

PRESS RELEASE – WÜRZBURG, September 22nd, 2017
The Business Application Research Center (BARC) has published the third edition of BARC Score Enterprise BI and Analytics Platforms. The independent consulting and analyst firm ranks twenty market-relevant, international providers of business intelligence (BI) and analytics platforms based on an extensive list of criteria, as well as user feedback.

BARC Score Enterprise BI 2017 chart

Figure 1: Positioning of providers in the BARC Score Enterprise BI and Analytics Platforms

Growth among the market leaders

Several changes in the BI market over the last twelve months are reflected in this year’s BARC Score. Microsoft Power BI makes the biggest move this year, joining the Market Leaders segment for the first time. Microsoft’s suite of analytics tools has shaken up the BI market since its launch in 2015 and BARC’s research shows it was one of the most frequently evaluated BI platforms in 2016/17. Providers such as IBM, Information Builders, MicroStrategy, Oracle, Qlik and SAP have introduced functional improvements since last year and all hold on to their positions in the Market Leaders segment in 2017.

Consolidation in the field of challengers

At the beginning of 2017, Infor’s acquisition of BIRST caused a significant shift in the market. The combined portfolio of these two companies is evaluated together this year. The takeover of Statistica was a crucial part of TIBCO’s analytics strategy, but it only had a minor impact on TIBCO’s ranking this year. BOARD, OpenText, Tableau and TARGIT have made progress over the last year thanks to improvements in their strategies and/or products. Meanwhile, SAS continues to reinforce its status as a strong provider in the BI market, especially in the area of analytics, and is currently working on new products and improvements to the Viya platform.

Hitachi (Pentaho) has made the leap to the Challengers segment thanks to its increased use in ‘big data’ environments. Dundas, mainly prevalent in the North American market and a newcomer in this year’s BARC Score, is also well placed in the Challengers segment. This segment also includes Yellowfin and Pyramid Analytics, who both offer good approaches to analytics but still have a relatively low level of recognition. Finally, Sisense and Dimensional Insight are placed in the Specialists segment. Both vendors offer interesting solutions for selected usage scenarios.

“With more than 400 providers of BI tools active in the German market alone, enterprises often struggle to identify strong BI platforms that match their needs. BARC Score Enterprise BI and Analytics Platforms offers valuable support in this regard”, said Larissa Seidler, Senior Business Intelligence Analyst at BARC. “Next year, it will be interesting to see how some of the providers integrate their acquisitions and further develop the functions of their newly released products.”

Provider selection and evaluation criteria

Providers must fulfill a number of technical and commercial criteria to be included in BARC Score Enterprise BI and Analytics Platforms. They must cover four of the following six product categories – formatted and ad hoc reporting, dashboarding, analysis, data mining, planning and self-service BI / data discovery – and achieve annual license and maintenance revenues in excess of 15 million euros in at least two of the following regions – EMEA, North America, Latin America and Asia/Pacific. Open source providers are evaluated according to their total revenue as they do not usually charge license fees.

BARC analysts rate each provider on its “portfolio capabilities” and “market execution”, which are based on a set of detailed, weighted criteria. Taken together, these criteria determine the placement of each provider in the BARC Score chart, which offers a quick overview of the global enterprise BI and analytics platforms market. Each vendor is classified in one of the following five categories on the chart: Dominators, Market Leaders, Challengers, Specialists and Entrants. For more information on BARC Score and the methodology behind it, click here.

The complete BARC Score document, which includes a comprehensive characterization of each provider including their strengths and weaknesses, can be purchased from BARC. For more information on BARC Score Enterprise BI and Analytics Platforms, visit:

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