BARC Score Launched

Business software industry analyst firm BARC today launched BARC Score, a new analyst report evaluating and ranking the key players in the business intelligence (BI) software market.

BARC Score analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of all the leading vendors in the BI market, as well as many of the smaller vendors that often have less visibility but still offer outstanding value to their customers.

“BARC Score provides a quick and clear overview of the BI market based on a combination of thorough analysis of products and vendors by our analysts and detailed end-user feedback”, said Carsten Bange, founder and CEO of BARC. “We are already planning to extend this concept to provide comprehensive ratings of other categories of business software on a regular basis.”

The inaugural BARC Score Business Intelligence report identifies IBM, Information Builders, MicroStrategy, Oracle, Qlik, SAP and SAS as ‘Trendsetters’ in the BI market.

BI Score 2015

“Every vendor is evaluated on two dimensions, Portfolio Capabilities and Market Execution, each representing an axis on the chart above,” explained Andreas Bitterer, VP and Research Fellow at BARC, and originator of the BARC Score methodology. “The portfolio capabilities evaluated include architecture, a range of product-related criteria, as well as end-user satisfaction. Market execution takes into account factors such as the vendors’ product, sales and marketing strategies, organizational and financial strength, and customer support ratings based on end-user feedback.”

To appear in the BARC Score Business Intelligence, vendors must fulfil a number of technical and economic criteria. Firstly, they must have license revenues in excess of 15 million Euro in at least two of the following four key geographical regions:

  • EMEA
  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Asia/Pacific

Furthermore, each vendor must supply at least four out of five technologies from the following:

  • Formatted Reporting
  • Dashboarding
  • Ad-hoc Query and Reporting
  • Analysis
  • Data Mining

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About BARC

BARC is an enterprise software industry analyst delivering product evaluations, conferences, market research and consulting to over 1,000 customers each year. BARC specializes in advising organizations on software selection in its core research areas of business intelligence, data management and enterprise content management.

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