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BIaaS – Business Intelligence as a service

Background information on SaaS The idea of hosting software off-premises is not new. In fact, software as a service (SaaS) is just a rewording of an older term referring to companies providing the service, application service provider (ASP). ASPs were a very popular investment target during the dotcom era, but not much ever came of […]

Business Intelligence and Web Front ends

Introduction The complexity of Web technology has increased greatly since the first simple browsers became popular in the nineties. The original idea was very simple: Web servers provided access to simple formatted texts which could contain hyperlinks to other texts, creating a worldwide web of interlinked documents. Since then the technology has flourished in many […]

Relational Databases

Relational databases have been used by businesses for decades and they have steadily developed the features required for large-scale implementation, including scalability (in terms of user count and database size). The idea of relational databases was first suggested by Edgar Codd in 1969, and by the nineties, they had largely replaced hierarchical and network databases […]

Business Intelligence and Unstructured Data

Introduction As a rule, analysis software requires much higher data quality than operational software. A typing error in a customer name in an invoice is not enough to break the transaction in most systems. But when it comes to analyzing the data, much more precision is required. In fact, the issue of data quality was […]

Choose a product – not a vendor

Bigger is not always better – especially in the software industry. When companies seek assistance in selecting a software vendor, investment security is always one of their top concerns. Many are wary of small software vendors due to the potential risk of bankruptcy or competitor buyouts, which could later result in additional investments or expensive […]

Formatting Reports in Business Intelligence Tools

Introduction Reporting tools vary a great deal in the way they present data. The following table provides a simple overview of the basic layout types available. Type Description Example Canvas / Layers Objects are positioned absolutely on a canvas. For interactive reports, dialogs, etc. Sometimes for page based reporting. arcplan, IBI PowerPainter, Layout Painter Oracle […]

Proof of Concept

When implementing complex solutions, particularly in the area of BI, customers often run into the ‘tool assumption’ problem. Although they are not usually discussed in these terms, advanced BI products can be seen as rapid development tools that minimize the need for technical know-how. They work by limiting themselves to a specific type of application. […]