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A Major New Survey of Advanced Analytics Software Users

The market for advanced analytics, data discovery and data preparation software is highly competitive. The Advanced Analytics Survey 19 reveals the strengths and challenges of some of the leading vendors in this space.

The Advanced Analytics Survey 19 also provides a detailed quantitative analysis of why customers choose the software tools they do, what they use them for, the everyday problems that users experience with the tools and how successful they are.

This first edition of The Advanced Analytics Survey is based on a survey of 677 software users, consultants and vendors from all over the world, conducted over the winter of 2018-19.

The Advanced Analytics Survey 19 consists of two key components:

  • The Results

    An overview and analysis of the most important findings and topical results from The Advanced Analytics Survey 19. This report covers aspects of the tool selection process, levels of satisfaction, what the software is currently being used for, the benefits achieved and the challenges faced by users. It also provides some pointers to buyers of advanced analytics software and users of existing solutions based on the results of our analysis.
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The Advanced Analytics Survey 19 is available as part of the BARC+ package.

Featured Advanced Analytics, Data Discovery and Data Preparation Products

The Advanced Analytics Survey 19 features 10 software products from 8 different vendors, ranging from well known global giants like IBM, Microsoft and SAS to a number of smaller specialist providers.

Product name
IBM SPSS / Watson Studio
IBM SPSS / Watson Studio / Cognos Analytics
Microsoft Azure/SQL Server
Microsoft Power BI