Self-Service Business Intelligence Users Are Now In The Majority

One of many findings from The BI Survey 14 – BARC’s annual survey of over 3,000 business intelligence professionals – published today.

PRESS RELEASE – LONDON, 15th October 2014

Self-service BI
55% of business intelligence (BI) users now claim to be engaging in self-service tasks, with another 24% planning to do so in the future.

“Of all the trending topics analyzed in The BI Survey 14, self-service BI is the most popular, along with operational analytics,” said Carsten Bange, CEO of BARC and co-author of The BI Survey 14. “Adoption of self-service BI is way ahead of other current trends such as collaborative BI (29%) and mobile BI (18%), both of which have received comparable levels of media attention and vendor promotion in recent times. We’re seeing a growing trend among enterprises to enable end-users to build or design their own dashboards and reports without the need for IT support. End-users may even build their own BI applications that combine multiple data sources through highly configurable portals.”

Trending topics chart from The BI Survey 14

Figure 1: Adoption levels of BI trends (n=2303) 

Mobile BI
For the third year running, growth in the use of mobile BI has slowed, increasing just 2% on last year to 18%. The number of enterprises planning to deploy mobile BI in the next 12 months has also decreased for the second consecutive year.

“Despite continued hype in this area, we still see relatively few organizations using mobile BI,” said Bange. “Concern over data security is an important factor here, as well as the extra investment required to enable mobile access to corporate data. However, while the situation is improving, there’s still a lack of convincing mobile BI options on the market.”

More Power Users
The BI Survey 14 also reveals that 30% of BI users now consider themselves as ‘power users’.

“In the past we’ve used the 80/20 rule to describe the ratio between casual and power users, but it’s now clear the percentage of power users is much higher than anticipated,” said Wayne Eckerson, co-author of The BI Survey 14. “The preeminence of big data, analytics and data science in media coverage and product announcements reflect this finding.”

About The BI Survey 14
The BI Survey 14 is based on user opinion from 3,224 BI professionals worldwide about software selection, implementation and usage. Detailed feedback on a record 34 BI products from 29 vendors is analyzed and compared, including international giants IBM, Microsoft (MSFT), Oracle (ORCL) and SAP, as well as BI specialists such as Qlik, SAS Institute, MicroStrategy (MSTR), Tableau (DATA) and Tibco (TIBX).

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