Information Culture

Leveraging the power of collective intelligence for better decision making

Today’s advanced analysis methods and increasing availability of data are putting ever more pressure on established business structures and cultures to change. Decisions based on intuition and experience are increasingly being challenged by decision making driven by data or statistics. However, organizations are still exploring ways to include the collective intelligence of employees in the decision making process.

This BARC study, based on empirical research, explores the topic of information culture from a global perspective, focusing on the status quo as well as on future plans for the development of information cultures in companies. Our survey was completed by 743 people with both business and IT backgrounds from a wide range of industries across the world, making it the largest empirical study to date on decision making culture in companies.

“Information Culture” addresses the following areas:

  • Gut feel vs data-driven decision making – now and in the future
  • How organizations use their data
  • Using data for competitive advantage
  • Factors preventing organizations from basing decisions on information
  • Data governance
  • The importance of collaboration
  • Tips on achieving a better information culture

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Authors: Carsten Bange, Mark Handford & Nikolai Janoschek
PDF report: Free to Download
Published: May 2014

Information Culture Survey