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Market Insight and Best Practice

As specialists in business intelligence, BARC’s market research program will keep you abreast of the BI tools market as well as emerging trends and developments in the marketplace.

Best practice is one of the cornerstones of our research: all BARC market research projects seek to establish which approaches and strategies deliver optimum results in real-world technology implementations. This enables you to learn from the successes and mistakes of peers who have already been through the process of software selection and deployment.

BARC Access clients gain access to the following research:

  • Market Trends

    What’s in store for business intelligence and data management in 2015 and beyond? BARC’s team of senior analysts has gone through all the trends and hypes in the market to identify the most relevant for BI organizations. Be prepared!

  • Best Practices

    Analysis of the full sample of 2348 end-users and consultants who took part in The BI Survey 14. Homing in on the general, product-neutral survey findings, ‘Best Practices’ teaches you the lessons learned from the world’s most successful real-world BI deployments, showing you how best to choose a BI product and the most important and relevant tool selection criteria.

  • The BI Software Selection Guide

    As software selection specialists for over fifteen years, BARC has completed many hundreds of BI selection projects. The process and best practices we have developed over the years are shared with you in The BI Software Selection Guide, written by two of our most experienced consultants.

  • Big Data Analytics

    Access the results of BARC’s latest study exploring the use of big data technologies in companies across the DACH region of Europe. 370 business and IT decision-makers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland responded to our survey, shedding light on their current big data initiatives.

  • Information Culture

    Decisions based on intuition and experience are increasingly being challenged by decision making driven by data or statistics. However, organizations are still exploring ways to include the collective intelligence of employees in the decision making process. This BARC study, based on empirical research, explores the topic of information culture from a global perspective, focusing on the status quo as well as on future plans for the development of information cultures in companies.