Big Data Use Cases 2015

Awareness of big data continues to grow strong – especially with regard to digitalization initiatives. The wave of big data has reached every corner of businesses today. In other words, big data is revolutionizing the way companies identify new business models and define their advantages over competitors.

This study is based on an empirical survey exploring the usage of big data in companies across the world. 559 business and IT decision-makers completed the online survey in the first quarter of 2015.

“Big Data Use Cases – Getting real on data monetization” addresses several fundamental questions including:

  • What is the level of implementation of big data initiatives in the DACH region?
  • Which business departments use and initiate big data analyses?
  • How do they use big data?
  • What advantages do companies gain through big data analysis?
  • What common business and technical problems do they face?
  • How do companies finance big data projects and what level of return of investment (ROI) do they achieve?
  • Which technologies do they use or plan to use in the future for big data scenarios?

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Authors: Carsten Bange, Timm Grosser & Nikolai Janoschek
PDF report: Free to Download
Published: July 2015

Big Data Use Cases 2015