BI Trend Monitor 2020

The market for BI and data management is constantly changing. Trends come and go, and one of our tasks as an industry analyst is to highlight and predict important topics and growth areas.

BARC’s BI Trend Monitor 2020 study gives BI practitioners a platform to have their say on the trends currently shaping the BI and data management market, supplemented by additional commentary and analysis from BARC analysts.

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We asked close to 2,900 users, consultants and vendors for their views on the most important BI trends, revealing a comprehensive picture of regional, company and industry specific differences, and delivering an up-to-date perspective on the BI market.

BI Trend Monitor 2020 focuses on:

  • Which BI trends have become established, and which appear to be just a passing fad;
  • The regions and industry sectors in which each trend resonates the most;
  • How “best-in-class” enterprises differentiate themselves in their attitude to BI trends; and
  • A comparison between the views of IT users, business users, consultants and vendors on current trends.

The Trends

The full study features analyst commentary and user ratings of the following 20 trends in the BI market:

  • Master Data/Data Quality Management
  • Data Discovery/Visualization
  • Self-Service BI
  • Data Governance
  • Establishing a Data-Driven Culture
  • Data Preparation for Business Users
  • Data Warehouse Modernization
  • Agile BI Development
  • Advanced Analytics/Machine Learning
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Mobile BI
  • Integrated Platforms for BI and PM
  • Embedded BI and Analytics
  • Data Storytelling
  • Using External/Open Data
  • Analytics Teams/Data Labs
  • Cloud BI/Data Management
  • Data Catalogs
  • Process Mining

Authors: Larissa Baier, Carsten Bange, Annika Baumhecker, Jacqueline Bloemen, Sebastian Derwisch, Christian Fuchs, Timm Grosser, Lars Iffert, Nikolai Janoschek, Patrick Keller, Ann-Katrin Neeb & Robert Tischler

PDF report: Free download

Published: November 2020