Data, BI & Analytics Trend Monitor 2024

Every business is a data business. And any data business needs to use analytics to support decision-makers to take action. Driving value from data has become an imperative for many businesses to stay competitive. But becoming a data-driven organization is not straightforward.

This survey on the importance of trends reveals once again that practitioners value the most fundamental properties of data much more highly than the more advanced methods and approaches to data and analytics.

The BARC Data, BI and Analytics Trend Monitor 2024 illustrates which trends are currently regarded as important in addressing these challenges by a broad group of data, BI and analytics professionals.

This study explores the following questions

  • –– Which BI, analytics and data management trends are currently driving the market, and which topics only eke out a niche existence?
  • –– Which trends are particularly popular in certain regions and industries?
  • –– How do best-in-class companies differentiate themselves from the rest?

The study is based on a worldwide survey of 2,398 data, BI and analytics professionals.

The Trends

The full study features analyst commentary and user ratings of the following 20 trends in the data management, BI and analytics market:

Advanced Analytics / Machine Learning / AI
Alerting & Triggers
Cloud for Data & Analytics
Data Catalogs & Data Intelligence Platforms
Data Governance
Data Lakehouse
Data Literacy
Data Mesh
Data Preparation by Business Users
Data Products
Data Quality Management
Data Security/Privacy
Data Warehouse Modernization
Data-Driven Culture
DataOps & Observability
Decision Intelligence
Embedded BI & Analytics
Integrated Platforms for Performance Management (PM) & Analytics
Real-Time Analytics & Streaming
Self-Service Analytics & Data Discovery

Data, BI and Analytics Trend Monitor 2024

Authors: Larissa Baier, Carsten Bange, Florian Bigelmaier, Jacqueline Bloemen, Christian Fuchs, Timm Grosser, Nikolai Janoschek, Patrick Keller, Gernot Molin, Ann-Katrin Oppmann, Herbert Stauffer & Robert Tischler

Published: December 5, 2023

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