Experts in Market Analysis and Software Selection

BARC research reports are focused on helping companies find the right software solutions to align with their business goals. Our reports provide insights into market developments and dispense proven best practice advice for businesses embarking on a software evaluation project.

We evaluate the leading vendors and products in detail using methodologies which enable our clients to easily make comparisons and reach a software selection decision with confidence.

  • The BI Survey 18

    The BI Survey is the world’s largest annual survey of business intelligence users. Based on a sample of over 3,000 survey responses, it offers an unsurpassed level of user feedback on issues ranging from the purchase cycle right through to deployment, including critical information on performance levels, scalability and problems encountered. Use The BI Survey to find out what end-users really think about the BI products they use.

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  • Business Intelligence Software Reviews

    BARC’s BI software reviews blend expert analyst opinion and scores with vendor and product ratings based on findings from The BI Survey.

    Our reviews begin with a detailed product assessment from a neutral analyst viewpoint, followed by product scores across a wide range of important criteria and an overview of the product’s strengths and weaknesses. The second section reveals the key findings on both product and vendor from The BI Survey, BARC’s major annual survey of BI end-user sentiment.

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  • BARC Score

    The assessment and classification of business software and its suppliers can often be a complicated task for companies. BARC Score is designed to demystify this process, providing a quick and clear overview of a unique market based on a combination of detailed end-user feedback and thorough analysis of products and vendors by our analysts. Current BARC Score editions cover the BI, advanced analytics, planning and data integration software markets

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  • The Planning Survey 18

    The market for planning products is highly competitive. The Planning Survey 18 reveals the strengths and challenges of many of the leading vendors in the space as well as a number of smaller vendors — some regional and some relatively new to the market — many of which offer outstanding value to their customers.

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  • BI Trend Monitor

    The market for BI and data management is constantly changing. Trends come and go, and one of our tasks as an industry analyst is to highlight and predict important topics and growth areas. BARC’s BI Trend Monitor 2019 study gives BI practitioners a platform to have their say on the trends currently shaping the BI and data management market, supplemented by additional commentary and analysis from BARC analysts.

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  • Project Management Software Systems

    The eighth edition of BARC’s successful “Project Management Software Systems” report is a comprehensive guide for companies undertaking a project management software selection program.

    If you are planning to purchase project management software for your organization, this report from BARC puts the facts at your fingertips to help you select the best tool to match your requirements. As well as containing detailed reviews of 28 leading products on the market, this report will give you all the background information you need to conduct a swift and successful evaluation and selection project.

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  • Data Preparation – Refining Raw Data into Value

    The goal of data preparation is to support business analysts and data scientists by preparing different kinds of data for their analytical purposes. This study is based on an empirical survey on the use of technologies for data preparation. 695 people worldwide completed the online survey in March and April 2017, answering questions on the drivers, use cases, benefits and challenges of data preparation.

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  • BI and Data Management In The Cloud

    This study examines current attitudes, issues and trends relating to the use of business intelligence and data management technologies in the cloud. We look at the drivers, benefits and challenges companies face when implementing cloud BI, as well as some of the common components, use cases and tasks seen in cloud BI deployments. The report also reveals the role vendors are playing in cloud BI, and the types of infrastructures organizations are choosing.

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  • Big Data and Information Security

    Based on a 2016 survey of over 330 people, this study assesses the importance, status quo, developments, benefits and challenges of big data security analytics initiatives. In particular, it examines the burgeoning security analytics solutions market, current deployment levels of big data security analytics solutions and the potential benefits of big data security analytics.

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