The Financial Performance Management Market is Growing Again and Shows a High Degree of Maturity


The analyst firm BARC presents the third edition of its software ranking for financial performance management. This BARC Score features evaluations of  15 market-relevant software manufacturers in the DACH market by BARC analysts Dr. Christian Fuchs, Larissa Baier and Julia Förth.

  • The third edition of BARC Score Financial Performance Management DACH is out now.
  • No more “Specialists” among the financial performance management (FPM) solutions rated by BARC: The market has reached a high level of performance and is populated equally by software generalists and specialists in the digitalization of financially oriented management processes.
  • New additions underline the trend towards portfolio expansion to include content and functions for financially oriented topics such as consolidation.

FPM tools offer assistance in mapping and digitalizing finance-oriented management processes. In addition to classic BI tasks such as (financial) reporting and analysis, they primarily support (integrated) financial planning and consolidation as core disciplines. This software segment is often characterized by easily standardized structures for optimal support in the FPM environment.

BARC Score Financial Performance Management chart

Positioning of providers in BARC Score Financial Performance Management DACH 2020, © BARC

BARC Score Financial Performance Management DACH ranks the following 15 providers this year: Anaplan, Board, CoPlanner, Corporate Planning, cubus (a Serviceware company), IBM, IDL, Infor, Jedox, LucaNet, OneStream, Oracle, SAP, Unit4 Prevero and Wolters Kluwer CCH | Tagetik.

Two newcomers, Jedox and OneStream, qualified as “Challengers”. Renewed growth in the market underscores the fact that providers are increasingly complementing each other with financial functions, such as legal consolidation, and are thus enhancing their portfolios to better address the finance department. OneStream has built a stronger presence in the DACH market in the past year and has gained a foothold in the German-speaking region. This year, all FPM solutions were ranked as either “Market Leaders” or “Challengers”. The “Entrants”, “Specialists” and “Dominators” segments remain empty for the time being. The market has reached a high level of performance and is populated equally by software generalists and specialists in the digitalization of financially oriented management processes.

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About BARC Score

Since 2015, BARC has been classifying providers of business software in various market segments and economic regions. BARC analysts evaluate each vendor meeting a number of technical and financial criteria according to their “Portfolio Capabilities” and “Market Execution”. Behind these two dimensions lie detailed, weighted criteria that determine the placement of the vendors in the BARC Score chart. In addition, BARC draws on the results of user surveys such as The Planning Survey and The BI Survey.

For a concise overview of the market, all vendors are classified in the BARC Score chart in one of five categories: “Dominators”, “Market Leaders”, “Challengers”, “Specialists” and “Entrants”. For more information on BARC Score and the methodology behind it, please visit:

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