Vendors of Modern Enterprise BI & Analytics Platforms Continue to Invest in User Guidance, Machine Learning and Modernization


The analyst firm BARC publishes BARC Score Enterprise BI & Analytics Platforms 2020.

  • The sixth edition of BARC Score Enterprise BI & Analytics Platforms – BARC’s at-a-glance evaluation of market-relevant software vendors – is published today.
  • The market for enterprise BI & analytics platforms is growing – the 2020 edition includes two newcomers: Looker and Zoho.
  • Vendors continue to invest more actively in improving business user orientation and user guidance.
  • There is also increased investment in machine learning (ML) to support users, especially in data pre-processing and analysis. However, ML is hardly ever used to optimize/manage the platforms.

BARC Score evaluates and compares 22 vendors of modern enterprise business intelligence and analytics platforms active in the global marketplace. The chart and accompanying software evaluations by BARC experts Larissa Baier, Dr. Christian Fuchs, Patrick Keller, Robert Tischler and Dr. Carsten Bange are now available at

“The market for enterprise BI & analytics platforms is broad and contains many strong solutions. In addition to new providers, a number of specialists are also expanding their product range and thus also managing to gain a foothold. The new BARC Score offers segmentation and assistance in software selection,” said Larissa Baier, BARC Analyst and Head of BARC Scores.

For years, business users in particular have been demanding improved usability and more functions in the analytics environment. All the providers featured in this BARC Score have invested in the improvement of business user orientation and user guidance. Trends such as Natural Language Query (NLQ) and Natural Language Generation (NLG) are intended to support business users in data analysis and interpretation. Business analysts can also increasingly benefit from analytical functions in data preprocessing and analysis. The longer-established solutions are currently undergoing modernization in terms of both user interfaces and architecture.


BARC Score BI & Analytics Platforms 2020 chart

Positioning of vendors in the BARC Score Enterprise BI & Analytics Platforms 2020 © BARC

The sixth edition of BARC Score Enterprise BI & Analytics Platforms examines solutions from 22 market-relevant vendors: Board International, Dimensional Insight, Domo, Dundas Data Visualization, IBM, Infor, Information Builders, Looker, Microsoft, MicroStrategy, OpenText, Oracle, Pyramid Analytics, Qlik, SAP, SAS, Sisense, Tableau, TARGIT, TIBCO, Yellowfin and Zoho.

Looker and Zoho appear in the BARC Score rankings for the first time this year, while Domo has moved from the Specialists to the Challengers segment since last year.

For further information and the complete software evaluations click here.

About BARC Score

Since 2015, BARC has been classifying providers of business software in various market segments and economic regions. BARC analysts evaluate each vendor meeting a number of technical and financial criteria according to their “Portfolio Capabilities” and “Market Execution”. Behind these two dimensions lie detailed, weighted criteria that determine the placement of the vendors in the BARC Score chart. In addition, BARC draws on the results of user surveys such as The Planning Survey and The BI Survey.

For a concise overview of the market, all vendors are classified in the BARC Score chart in one of five segments: “Dominators”, “Market Leaders”, “Challengers”, “Specialists” and “Entrants”. For more information on BARC Score and the methodology behind it, please visit:

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