Infographic: How To Rule Your Data World

In today’s digitalized world, data is essential for analytics and is exposed to a variety of environmental conditions which involve differing requirements and frameworks. New use cases and regulatory obligations require data management and transparency covering the whole lifecycle.

There is a rising awareness of the necessity to stay on top of things: to master your data and use it to support the achievement of business objectives without drowning in a massive flood of data.

This BARC survey examines the following core issues:

  • What are the most striking benefits of data governance?
  • Which technological approaches are companies taking to control and provide data?
  • What are the critical success factors of effective data governance?

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The full study will be available on all the sponsors’ websites soon (currently denodo only):

The following infographic offers an insight into some of the most important results of the study:Infographic: How to rule your data world