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The Data Management Survey 20: The Results

A PDF report detailing the key findings from The Data Management Survey 20, supplemented by expert analysis.

The Data Management Survey 20 is available as part of the BARC Access package.

BARC’s global survey of data warehousing software usage

The Data Management Survey 19

The Data Management Survey 20 attracted 782 responses from which 647 gave detailed information on user experiences with their chosen data warehousing software product.

The Results report provides you with well-designed charts and insightful analysis on the key highlights from the second edition of BARC’s Data Management Survey.

Data warehouse users share their experiences

The Data Management Survey 20 reveals a range of insights into the use of data warehousing software across the world. Topics covered in this report include:

  • Approaches to selecting data management tools
  • Challenges in the data warehouse environment
  • Trends in data management
  • Big players vs. smaller players
  • Platform reliability
  • Performance in data management and what it means

Survey sample, methodology and KPIs

Buyers of ‘The Data Management Survey 20: The Results’ report also receive documentation detailing the methodology behind The Data Management Survey 20, with further information on the demographics of the sample, the 12 products analyzed, the product groupings (peer groups) and the 12 measures used to rank the products (KPIs).