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The Data Management Survey 20 is the second edition of BARC’s annual study into the market for data warehousing tools. It employs the same proven methodology as The BI Survey and The Planning Survey, which have been conducted annually since 2000, setting out to analyze market trends and produce meaningful comparisons of competing products across a wide range of critical software and vendor-related criteria.

The Data Management Survey also provides a detailed quantitative analysis of why customers buy data warehousing tools, what they are used for, the problems they experience with the tools and how successful they are.

782 people surveyed, 12 data warehouse products evaluated

12 data warehousing products from 9 different vendors are featured in The Data Management Survey 20. As well as products from well-known global giants such as Microsoft, Oracle and SAP, it also includes specialist tools from some much smaller vendors.

Our analysis is based on a survey of 782 software users, consultants and vendors from all over the world, conducted from January to May 2020.

The Data Management Survey 20 consists of two key components:

The Data Management Survey 20 is available as part of the BARC Access package.

Featured Data Management Products

The Data Management Survey 20 features 12 software products from 9 different vendors, ranging from well known global giants like Microsoft, Oracle and SAP to a handful of smaller specialist providers. Products with at a minimum of 20 responses were included in our detailed comparative analysis.

Vendor Product name Respondents
Amazon Amazon Redshift 21
AnalyticsCreator AnalyticsCreator 29
Exasol Exasol Database 29
HumanIT InfoZoom & IZDQ 85
Microsoft Microsoft Azure 26
Microsoft Microsoft SQL Server 58
Microsoft Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services 33
Oracle Oracle Database 32
Snowflake Snowflake 27
Talend Talend Data Integration 24