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    The BI Verdict is a vendor-independent resource for organizations and consultants who are involved in evaluating and selecting Business Intelligence (BI) software. It provides a thorough overview of the most popular BI products on the market, and will save you time and money by familiarizing you with those products and helping you to make the right decisions in your software selection process.

    Subscribers gain access to our full catalog of in-depth product reviews written by BARC’s team of experienced BI analysts and enhanced with real-world usage data as well as end-user vendor and product ratings from The BI Survey. The BI Software Selection Guide, our tried-and-tested step-by-step guide to choosing the right BI tool for your organization, is also included in your subscription.

The BI Verdict

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The BI Verdict is a vendor-independent report, designed to help you choose the right BI software for your organization.

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Business Intelligence Product Reviews

Product Reviews

Our BI software reviews blend expert analyst opinion and scores with vendor and product ratings based on findings from The BI Survey.

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