BI Users Name Data Quality the Biggest Success Factor in Their Work

PRESS RELEASE – WÜRZBURG, November 13th, 2019
Which BI trends will shape the coming year? The enterprise software analyst BARC published the BI Trend Monitor 2020 at this year’s Big Data World in Frankfurt. With 2,865 BI users surveyed, the study offers a comprehensive overview of current trend topics in the global business intelligence market. For the third time in a row, BI users name master data and data quality management as the top trend.

Going into a new decade, the two most important trends – master data and data quality management in first place and data discovery in second place – remain unchanged compared to last year.

“BI users see the value of data. This means they are focusing on data quality, data governance and data strategy,” said Dr. Carsten Bange, founder and CEO of enterprise software analyst BARC. “Basically, they have realized that even the best ways to prepare data in dashboards or provide analysis functionality are worthless if they don’t have the right data or if the quality is not up to scratch.”

Third spot is now occupied by establishing a data-driven culture. This trend, which was newly introduced last year and went straight into fifth place in the rankings, is considered even more important this year. Self-service BI, on the other hand, dropped down to fifth place this year while data governance remains in fourth. All in all, these five top trends are the foundation for companies to manage and use their own data.

BI trends 2020

Figure 1: Importance of BI trends from “not important at all“ (0) to “very important“ (10), n=2865

Artificial intelligence not yet on the agenda of BI decision-makers

Some trends have slightly gained in importance since last year – including real-time analytics and integrated platforms for BI and PM.  However, no single trend has made any major gains.

Mobile BI dropped from twelfth to fifteenth place this year, continuing its downward trend. The use of BI functions on mobile devices may no longer be very interesting for BI users because it is either available already or because the requirements of companies are changing.

BI trends 2020 ranked

Figure 2: Development of rankings of BI trends since 2016, n=2794/2772/2770/2679/2865

Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and AI are on everyone’s lips at the moment. Nevertheless, BI users rate this trend lower than they did last year (from nine to ten). More important than the difference in rank, however, is the reason behind this slight downward trend: In 2018, many hopes were based on new tools with artificial intelligence, so an increase for this topic might have been expected.

“Advanced analytics is probably not so highly valued as BI practitioners currently see other even more important trends in their work. Perhaps users are also skeptical about how the current, somewhat overblown topic of artificial intelligence can actually generate benefits in companies. Decision-makers are in the process of separating the hype from reality and identifying the most useful areas of application,” suggested Dr. Carsten Bange.

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With 2,865 participants, the BARC BI Trend Monitor 2020 is the largest worldwide trend survey on business intelligence and data management. It offers a detailed evaluation and weighting of twenty individual trends by region, industry and the self-assessment of companies (“best-in-class” vs. “laggards”). The full report is available free of charge thanks to sponsorship from Cubeware, Information Builders, MicroStrategy, TARGIT and Unit4 Prevero.

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