Master Data and Data Quality Management Now the #1 Trend in BI

PRESS RELEASE – WÜRZBURG, November 14, 2017
The Business Application Research Center (BARC) publishes BI Trend Monitor 2018, a comprehensive review of the trends dominating today’s global business intelligence (BI) market, at its annual BARC Congress this week.

For the first time, BI users and practitioners identify master data / data quality management as the #1 trend in the business intelligence (BI) industry at the moment. In third position last year, this trend now occupies the top spot ahead of data discovery / visualization and self-service BI.

“The prominence of master data / data quality management sends a strong message”, said Carsten Bange, CEO of BARC. “While topics like data discovery, visualization and self-service BI are much hyped and highly appealing to business users, they are nothing without a solid foundation of data. A properly resourced, well organized and continuous program of data integration and data quality is a must for any data-driven organization. If you don’t have trust in the underlying data, your company’s reporting systems, and ultimately decision-making, are effectively based on quicksand.”

BI trends on the rise

BARC’s BI Trend Monitor is based on a survey of more than 2,700 BI professionals about the importance of BI trends in their daily work. Trends ranking higher now compared to previous years include data governance, real-time analytics, collaboration and using external/open data. Data preparation for business users has also enjoyed a particularly sharp rise in popularity, and its relevance is recognized quite evenly across all industries and company sizes. However, North American companies have been much quicker to adopt this trend than their European counterparts.

BI Trend Monitor chart

Figure 1: Changes in rankings of selected BI trends, 2015-2017
Source: BARC BI Trend Monitor 2018 (n = 2794/2770)

Cloud BI adoption remains low

Despite the general popularity of running business applications in the cloud, it seems that organizations are not rushing to deploy BI in cloud environments. This is especially true of companies in Europe, while there is greater acceptance in the Americas and especially the Asia Pacific region. “Cloud BI has a lot going for it”, said Carsten Bange. “Its functional capabilities are becoming similar to corresponding on-premises products, its flexibility to cope with changes is higher and the administrative burden on local IT departments is certainly reduced. However, our consulting experience in Europe tells us it is not the attractiveness of the platforms that deters organizations from moving their BI landscapes into the cloud, but legal, security and privacy concerns, a lack of knowledge about how to set up and run cloud BI solutions, a lack of trust in the vendors or their viability, and the desire to keep company data under their own control.” 

About BI Trend Monitor 2018

Based on data from a worldwide survey of 2,770 BI professionals, BI Trend Monitor is BARC’s annual assessment of the twenty most talked-about trends in the BI software market. Each trend is evaluated by region, industry and according to the self-assessment of participating companies (“Best-in-Class” vs. “Laggards”). For further information and to download the full report, click here or visit

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