The BI Survey Analyzer

Access our powerful interactive online tool, enabling you to perform your own custom analysis of the full survey data set.

Powerful Online Tool

The BI Survey 19 Analyzer
For organizations needing to take a deep dive into The BI Survey data to examine market trends and product comparisons in detail, we provide The BI Survey Analyzer. The BI Survey Analyzer is a powerful, interactive, online tool that enables you to perform your own custom analysis of the survey data.

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Custom Analysis of The BI Survey Data

The BI Survey Analyzer allows you to analyze the survey data in numerous ways.
The BI Survey 19 Analyzer
Here are just a few examples of the types of query you can run:

  • A breakdown of the responses for each question in the survey
  • Show a dashboard of the survey results for an individual BI product
  • Compare leading BI products across a number of key criteria

With all the above analyses, you can use The BI Survey Analyzer’s filtering capabilities to access the results most relevant to you.

Results can be filtered by region, country, product, industry and company size (number of employees).

Compare BI Products

One of the outstanding benefits of The BI Survey Analyzer is the ability to filter the survey data by your own customized list of products.

This feature lets you focus on the results of products that you want to evaluate and make quick comparisons between those tools. This will help you to eliminate unsuitable products from your shortlist and home in on the tools that match the requirements of your organization.

Click here to see the list of products included in The BI Survey Analyzer.