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Data preparation, visual analysis and guided advanced analytics for business analysts

Data discovery remains among the leading BI trends in 2018. Businesses want to be able to analyze data more easily and faster, and demand for flexible, user-friendly tools that can be used to efficiently analyze and research data is rising accordingly. BARC Score Data Discovery provides a market segment overview that clearly shows the strengths and weaknesses, current market position and functional scope of individual providers, and serves as a valuable guide for the selection of software.

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The three pillars of data discovery

Data discovery is based on the three pillars of data preparation, visual analysis and guided advanced analytics. In order to allow an iterative process for pattern recognition, data discovery solutions must support these functionalities in seamlessly integrated solutions.

At the moment, the data discovery tool market offers various approaches, but few providers support the full functional scope of data discovery in a well integrated product suitable for specialist users. Despite having different core aspects, integrated products represent a significant improvement over tools that focus only on individual areas such as visual analysis, advanced analytics or data preparation.

Products exhibit a broad range of market maturity

Several providers have highly mature tools in their portfolio and have been able to successfully integrate most of the functions required for data discovery into these tools as a result.

Others have very innovative tools that provide good solutions to isolated problems, but they have not sufficiently integrated their solutions yet or, despite innovative approaches, have not yet reached the functional level of established solutions.

The large general software developers and BI suite vendors often have difficulty integrating functions into a single tool or have issues with their products’ maturity, which means that their functional scope is insufficient. This BARC Score omits many data preparation solution specialists because they fail to provide or integrate visual analysis sufficiently.

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