“BARC Score Advanced Analytics Platforms” Presents a Direct Comparison of Twelve International Providers

PRESS RELEASE – WÜRZBURG, October 5th, 2017
In BARC Score Advanced Analytics Platforms, the Business Application Research Center (BARC) analyzes and rates twelve global providers for the first time on the basis of detailed product and market-related criteria. In addition to well-known providers, some interesting solutions from lesser-known players are assessed.

BARC Score Advanced Analytics 2017 example chart

Figure 1: Positioning of providers in the BARC Score Advanced Analytics Platforms

Topical focus areas

BARC Score Advanced Analytics Platforms shows that most advanced analytics providers are addressing certain topics, such as the integration of open-source solutions including R, Python, H2O and MLlib, the operationalization of advanced analytics models, the integration of deep-learning algorithms and cognitive APIs, as well as developing special solutions for users in business departments.

Twelve vendors evaluated

In the Dominators group, IBM and SAS have broken away from the pack and offer very good solutions for several of the aforementioned areas while consistently developing their portfolio in this direction in recent years. Microsoft is rated as a Market Leader. The provider acquired Revolution Analytics, the special R implementation, around two years ago and has now integrated it into SQL Server.

The Challengers segment contains Alteryx, FICO, KNIME, RapidMiner, SAP and TIBCO. TIBCO has strengthened in recent months with the acquisition of Statistica, a mature data science platform. Meanwhile Alteryx has gained functionality in the area of Python integration and the operationalization of advanced analytics solutions through its purchase of Yhat. As a new solution, FICO offers the Analytics Workbench which, in addition to interesting data processing functions, offers Jupyter notebook integration. KNIME has mainly strengthened its portfolio around the area of model management and solutions for citizen data scientists, and with Predictive Factory, SAP offers a web-based solution for the management of advanced analytics models.

The Specialists segment features Dataiku, Hitachi (Pentaho) and Information Builders. Dataiku is a new solution and provides very good integration with open-source software. Hitachi (Pentaho) is based on the tried-and-tested Weka and offers extensive possibilities for the integration of open-source libraries. Information Builders provides a graphic interface for R libraries, which is integrated directly into WebFOCUS and also opens up the possibility of translating models for operationalization into C code.

“Many companies have experimented extensively with advanced analytics and are now faced with the concrete task of operationalizing advanced analyses to bring benefits”, says Dr. Sebastian Derwisch, a data scientist at BARC. “It can be challenging to find a comprehensive overview of the heterogeneous market for advanced analytics platforms and to establish which providers meet the particular requirements of a buying organization. This is where BARC’s expertise in advanced analytics technologies and detailed knowledge of the relevant software providers can provide guidance. BARC Score Advanced Analytics Platforms evaluates each individual manufacturer, and with the BARC Score graphic, it summarizes their current market positions and portfolio ranges.”

Provider selection and evaluation criteria

A number of technical and commercial criteria are used as a basis for the inclusion of a provider in this BARC Score. For example, a vendor’s portfolio must support the entire analytical cycle and include graphic modeling of advanced analytics models. The software must provide methods for unsupervised and supervised learning as well as time series analysis. Also, it must be developed and maintained by the provider, must not be tied to specific (database) technology, and must achieve an annual revenue from licenses and maintenance of at least 1 million euros with significant business in at least two regions of the world.

Each vendor is classified in one of the following five categories on the chart: Dominators, Market Leaders, Challengers, Specialists and Entrants. For more information on BARC Score and the methodology behind it, click here.

The complete BARC Score report, which includes an overview of each of the twelve providers including their strengths and weaknesses, can be purchased from BARC. Further information on the BARC Score Advanced Analytics Platforms can be found at:

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