The BI Survey 16: Operational BI Continues Its Rise in 2016

PRESS RELEASE – WÜRZBURG, 10th November 2016

BARC’s annual BI Survey results are launched on the new website. Major findings this year include the continued surge in the use of business intelligence (BI) in production/operations departments, customer analysis is named as the #1 investment area in new BI projects, and several trends including collaboration and sensor data analysis are now established as critical BI components for many organizations        

Departments Using BI

Finance, management and sales departments continue to lead the way in the use of BI, but with little variation in usage rates since 2014.

Elsewhere, production/operations departments continue a strong upwards trajectory, rising from 20% to 53% usage in the last eight years.

“While BI has always been strong in sales and finance, production and operations departments have traditionally been more cautious about adopting it,” said Carsten Bange, CEO of BARC. “But with the general trend for using data to support decision-making, this has all changed. Technology for areas such as event processing and real-time data integration and visualization has become more widely available in recent years. Also, the wave of big data from the Internet of Things and the Industrial Internet has increased awareness and demand for analytics, and will likely continue to drive further BI usage in production and operations.”

BI Survey press release - Figure 1

Figure 1: Which departments are using BI? Timeline (n=changing basis)

BI Trends

It is clear that some BI trends that began with a buzz a few years ago now serve as critical BI components for a growing number of companies. Areas such as collaboration and spatial/location analysis are reported as “in use” by more than 20 percent of respondents. At 12 percent, cloud BI is now in double-digits with more companies planning to leverage it over the longer term. Social media analysis is the only listed trend in use by less than 10 percent of Survey respondents this year.

BI Survey press release - Figure 2

Figure 2: Which of the trending areas do companies address with their BI product? (n=2,617)

Customer Analysis a Major Investment Area

40% of companies are now putting their BI budgets into customer behavior analysis, and 32% are investing in developing a unified view of customers. “With areas such as accounting and finance more or less under control, companies are moving to other areas of the enterprise, in particular to gain a better understanding of customer, market and competitive dynamics,” said Carsten Bange.

BI Survey press release - Figure 3

Figure 3: In which BI use cases is your company investing in? (n=2,210)

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About The BI Survey 16

The BI Survey 16 is based on user opinion from over 3,000 BI professionals worldwide about their software selection, implementation and usage. Detailed feedback on 37 BI products from 30 vendors is analyzed and compared, including international giants IBM, Microsoft (MSFT), Oracle (ORCL) and SAP, as well as BI specialists such as Information Builders, MicroStrategy (MSTR), Qlik, SAS Institute and Tableau (DATA).

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