Next Generation Software Comparison – BARC Launches “”

PRESS RELEASE – WÜRZBURG, 18th October 2016

The Business Application Research Center (BARC) extends its portfolio with the interactive platform “”. The English-language website is now available at, serving as a central source of information and an authoritative guide to the comparison, selection and purchase of Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics software. The platform combines the world’s largest database of user feedback on BI and Analytics products (“The BI Survey 16”) with detailed technical and functional product evaluations by BARC analysts.

The range of content offered on “” includes product reviews, BARC research results, infographics, best practice guides for software selection and an interactive “BI Survey Analyzer”, which can be used to analyze the results of “The BI Survey 16”. It also provides insights into current trends and developments in the rapidly developing BI market.           

Knowledge through experience

Visitors to “” benefit from a unique combination of user and independent analyst reviews of BI tools, revealing the pros and cons of each tool. This blend of analyst expertise and feedback from the users who work with BI tools on a daily basis provides companies with a valuable basis for choosing their own tools. The “BI Tool Comparison“ section contains an overview of the leading BI and Analytics tools on the market based on customer reviews from “The BI Survey 16” and BARC analyst evaluations. Using the “BI User Review Matrix“ (see Figure 1), visitors gain an interactive overview of user ratings from “The BI Survey 16”.

With over 30,000 survey responses in 15 years, “” is based on a unique wealth of data. It offers proven best practice advice on selecting BI software as well as an understanding of why companies choose their solutions, how they use them and how satisfied they are with them.

BI User Review Matrix

Figure 1: BI User Review Matrix

Do it yourself

One of the highlights of “” is the “BI Survey Analyzer”, an interactive online tool that enables visitors to analyze user feedback from “The BI Survey 16” (see Figure 2). The free basic version allows users to generate charts and filter them by region, industry, competitive peer group, company size and more. With the premium version, users can create their own customized shortlist of BI products and compare them based on 32 different criteria.

BI Survey Analyzer

Figure 2: The BI Survey Analyzer

Globally unique product analysis

BARC’s “Vendor Performance Summaries” – a series of comprehensive evaluations of the world’s leading BI software solutions – are available as a fee-based service. Each Summary presents and evaluates a BI product in detail. The scope and depth of the “Vendor Performance Summaries” is unique: They contain highly-detailed product evaluations based on BARC analyst expertise and customer feedback across 32 different criteria, as well as an analysis of application scenarios, reasons why customers choose to purchase each product and the problems reported by users.

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More information about “The BI Survey 16”

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