BARC BI Trend Monitor 2017: Data Discovery / Data Visualization Remains The Top Trend in Business Intelligence

PRESS RELEASE – WÜRZBURG, 8th November 2016

BARC’s BI Trend Monitor 2017, which is published today, provides detailed information on which business intelligence (BI) trends are currently having the greatest impact on the market. It also identifies the factors that lead to the most successful BI implementations. Based on a survey of 2,800 users, consultants and software vendors, BI Trend Monitor 2017 examines 21 BI and data management trends.

Like last year, data discovery / data visualization, self-service BI and data quality / master data management remain the most influential BI trends according to BARC’s survey. Cloud BI, data labs/science and Hadoop (see chart) are the least important trends. Interest in many of the BI trends monitored has remained stable compared to last year with the most significant upturn coming in the area of data integration for business users, which jumps four places from 12th to 8th position.

As expected, “best-in-class” companies show a keener interest in BI trends than so-called “laggard” companies. This difference is particularly evident in the areas of agile BI development, data labs and visual design standards, which are used far more by organizations that have pioneered the successful use of BI than by “laggard” companies.

Cloud BI more relevant to vendors than users

Users, consultants and software vendors largely agree on the significance of most trends. However, opinion is divided in the areas of cloud BI, agile BI development and Hadoop, which are considered far more important by vendors than by users. In the case of cloud BI, vendors rate the importance of the trend at 5.9 (on a scale of 1 to 10; previous year: 4.9) while users only rate it at 3.7 (in 2015 and 2016). In contrast, users consider master data management, data quality and analytical databases to be more relevant.

Manufacturing industry remains cautious

The IT industry, the services sector and the public sector attach greater importance to BI trends than other industries. Despite the current high profile of big data analytics, digitalization and the industrial internet, the manufacturing sector still seems reluctant to adopt many of the BI trends examined in BARC’s survey. Telcos take a similar stance – with the notable exception of their use of agile BI development and Hadoop.

Business Intelligence Trends 2017 chart

Worldwide relevance of BI trends
Source: BARC BI Trend Monitor 2017 (n = 2,772)

BI trends are not as popular in the DACH region

Overall, survey participants from Asia and the Americas view BI trends as more important than respondents from Europe, and especially those in the DACH region. However, the DACH region does attach more importance to one topic – visual design standards – than all other regions. On a global basis, data integration for business users, data storytelling, agile BI and cloud BI are the trends displaying the greatest regional variations in popularity.

“The high ratings in BARC’s BI Trend Monitor 2017 underline the importance of business intelligence and data management to companies worldwide,” said Carsten Bange, founder and managing director of BARC. “The relevance of data analysis and management will continue to grow with the ongoing digitization of processes and business models. BARC’s BI Trend Monitor is intended as an orientation aid in the rapidly developing BI market and helps organizations to classify and assess the most important BI trends.”

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Top Business Intelligence Trends 2017: What 2,800 BI professionals really think

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