About BARC – Business Application Research Center

BARC is a leading enterprise software industry analyst and consulting firm delivering information to more than 1,000 customers each year.

For over twenty years, BARC analysts have combined market, product and implementation expertise to advise companies and evaluate BI, Data Management, ECM, CRM and ERP products. A long-running program of market analysis and product comparison studies forms the basis of BARC’s comprehensive knowledge of all the leading software vendors and products, as well as the latest market developments and trends.

BARC events provide a focused overview of leading software solutions, trendsetting developments and current requirements, as well as market developments in particular enterprise application categories.

Along with Ardour Consulting, le CXP and Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC), BARC forms part of teknowlogy Group – the leading European IT research and consulting firm with 150 experts in eight countries including the UK, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Le CXP and PAC complement BARC’s expertise in software markets for BI, DM and ECM with their extensive knowledge of technology for IT Service Management, HR and ERP.

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